Intranasal Flu Vaccine with Diverse Immune Response

NasoVax CloverA recombinant intranasal vaccine that is being developed for both seasonal and pandemic use. NasoVAX can activate the humoral, mucosal and cellular immune arms in unison for a more comprehensive immune response. The data from our Phase 2a trial with a monovalent NasoVAX vaccine indicated that NasoVAX was well-tolerated and achieved 100% seroprotection with serum antibody responses comparable to a licensed injected influenza vaccine.

Statistically significant increases in mucosal antibody were noted as well a robust T cell response directed against influenza. Approximately half of the subjects from the highest dose were evaluated between 12 and 14 months after initial dosing for additional immunogenicity assessment. The durability data show that the immune response elicited by NasoVAX was stable with no overall change in the antibody titer or level of seroprotection over an average of 13 months. The combination of serum antibody, mucosal antibody and T-cell response in combination with the durability data provides the potential for improved protection against influenza and suggests that NasoVAX could have a greater impact on flu symptoms and shedding of the influenza virus than currently approved influenza vaccines.