Vyjayanthi Krishnan

Vyjayanthi Krishnan, Ph.D.

Vice President, Product Development

Vyjayanthi Krishnan, Ph.D.; VP, Product Development – Dr. Krishnan has a strong and diverse background in virology, oncology and endocrine disorders, with over 25 years in product development efforts for biologics and peptide therapeutics and is an inventor on multiple patents. She has extensive experience in the management of drug development programs including nonclinical, assay and process development, GMP scale up manufacturing activities and has supported successful submissions of INDs and BLAs. Prior to Altimmune, Dr. Krishnan supported product development efforts at Human Genome Sciences, Wellstat, and Emergent Biosolutions. Before joining industry, Dr. Krishnan worked at the National Institutes of Health (NCI) following a postdoctoral fellowship at the HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch. Dr. Krishnan holds a Ph. D in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry from the University of Toledo, and a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mumbai, and is the author/co-author on multiple peer reviewed publications.