RespirVec technology provides a simple, yet powerful and versatile way to provide protection against pathogens. RespirVec is a specially designed replication-deficient adenovirus that can activate the immune system in ways that conventional injectable vaccines cannot. RespirVec has the potential to stimulate an immune response that more closely mimics an actual pathogen infection including activation of innate and mucosal defenses, as well as providing both antibody and cell-mediated immunity.

RespirVec is designed to be administered intranasally instead of using a needle. This approach has several important advantages including easy, painless administration and the potential mobilization of the mucosal immune system to provide a first line of immune defense at the site of pathogen entry.

We expect that RespirVec-based products will be manufactured easily and quickly with a short production cycle time using a well-characterized cell line for production.

RespirVec™ vaccine technology platform synergizes 4 arms of the immune system in a complementary approach against pathogens


Our Densigen™ platform provides a versatile approach for the creation of immunomodulatory products promoting broad and robust T cell immunity against multiple indications including chronic infections and cancer. Densigen™ is a synthetic peptide immunotherapeutic platform that is designed to elicit T cell responses across multiple targets for a given disease. Densigen™ technology includes a fluorocarbon tail, a novel stabilizing feature that creates a depot upon administration and has the potential to lead to a strong and sustained activation of the immune system, even in subjects with established immunotolerance. Densigens also have the ability to elicit broad human leukocyte antigen (HLA) type-independent immune responses with the possibility that nearly all patients may benefit from Densigen™ immunotherapy regardless of the individual to individual differences in immune systems.